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It's all possible with the pocket ERP together with our Tenant app. We're making renting (out) a new and unique experience. Try it yourself and involve your tenant.

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The pocket ERP for landlords

Manage your entire rent portfolio from your pocket ! Thanks to our easy flows, you spend less time on mudane administrative task and you can deal with things that really matter.

Easy to read afreements, in a handy format.

Straightforward tenancy agreements. Sounds like a dream. Fortunately, we have our own ideas about the future of property letting and management – a future where user ease and flexibility come first. We want to take the mystery out of tenancy agreements. We pick out the most important information for tenants and that’s all they see in the app. Of course, that information is always linked to an airtight legal document.

Taking the fuss out of repair requests

Handling requests for repairs can be a lot of work. We can make that easier for you too. Our app comes with a module that synchronises calendars with your repair and maintenance partners. And your tenants can track progress every step of the way, as if they’re expecting a delivery.

Onboard your tenants digitally

No more piles of paperwork and hours of appointments. Tenants can now view and sign the contract digitally. The data is will be immediately in your system.

A free app for your tenants

Not only your life as a landlord will become more easy. Your tenants will become an app that provides them an overview and control on all rent-related things.

  • Your tenancy agreement. But in language you can understand.

    Lawyers may not have a problem, but for the rest of us, tenancy agreements can be hard to digest. If you rent, you have to sign an agreement. There’s no avoiding it. But we can make it all a lot easier for you. The Prop.az app will only show you what you really need to know about your tenancy agreement. For example, how long until the agreement expires, how much notice you need to give, and when your rent is due. We like to keep things simple. Don’t you?

  • Schedule repairs. Without waiting.

    You have a leaky tap. Your boiler is on the blink. Your key broke off inside the lock. These things happen. And when they do, you need help – fast. And you’ll get it too, if you use our tenancy service app. Get your smartphone, take a picture and submit a request for repair. Pick three dates. Your landlord will choose one, and that’s when the repair person will show up. Before then, you’ll receive a reminder. What could be easier?

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