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What if renting your home, apartment or student room would feel just as nice as booking a room in a five-star hotel?

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Benefits for you as a tenant:

A free App made with the tenant in mind.

  • Your tenancy agreement. But in language you can understand.

    Lawyers may not have a problem, but for the rest of us, tenancy agreements can be hard to digest. If you rent, you have to sign an agreement. There’s no avoiding it. But we can make it all a lot easier for you. The app will only show you what you really need to know about your tenancy agreement. For example, how long until the agreement expires, how much notice you need to give, and when your rent is due. We like to keep things simple. Don’t you?

  • Talk to your landlord. Without all the fuss.

    There you are again, on hold waiting to talk to the helpdesk. It’s taking too long. You’re running out of calling credit – and patience. You just have a couple of questions. The app makes it easy to talk to your landlord. We have everything in one place. One app for all your tenancy needs, instead of ten separate apps for this and that. Have a question about a payment? About a repair? Then use the chat feature.

  • Schedule repairs. Without waiting.

    You have a leaky tap. Your boiler is on the blink. Your key broke off inside the lock. These things happen. And when they do, you need help – fast. And you’ll get it too, if you use our tenancy service app. Get your smartphone, take a picture and submit a request for repair. Pick three dates. Your landlord will choose one, and that’s when the repair person will show up. Before then, you’ll receive a reminder. What could be easier?

  • All-in-one app

    Key service? There’s an app for that. Solar panel performance? There’s an app for that. Need a repair? There’s an app for that. Your tenants have to juggle a lot of different apps (and passwords) to get anything done. Why not make it easier for them? We retrieve all the relevant data from existing systems and present the information in a handy format in our tenancy service app. From now on, you only need one app on your smartphone for all your tenancy matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the tenant app for?

The tenant app is for all tenants who like to be in control. We are also there for anyone who wants to manage all rental matters quickly and easily without any hassle.

Will there be more updates?

We work hard to improve our product every week. Do you have a good idea for a new feature? Get in touch with us!

Does my landlord have to use in order to use the app?

Yes, unfortunately it is only possible to use the app if the landlord uses our software. Is your landlord not using yet? Let us know and we will help you convince him!

Can my co-tenants also use the app?

Yes, our system is specially designed to allow everyone in your household to use the app. You as the main tenant determine which rights they get.

For which systems is the app available?

We currently support all Android (Android 7+) and Apple (IOS 6+) phones, for all other phones we have a PWA so that you can use most of our functions via your favorite browser.

I have a problem with my landlord Can I also contact you?

No, we only take care of the communication between you and your landlord. We only are responsible for the technical matters.

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